Os Artistas

Olderplus was strongly inspired by the 80’s – 90’s and found the roots of his typographic / pattern style in graffiti. Besides working on the street, he also does exhibitions in both his home country and abroad.

Smok, originally from Tuban, now lives in Jakarta, and started his art through graffiti in 2003. In all the years working with art, he has done illustrations, graphic design and tattoos. His style comes to life with patterns, and nowadays he takes inspiration from colors underwater.

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A Arte

The mural painted by Olderplus and Smok reflects the importance of nature, and it honors the trees that provide us shade. In this piece, the artists picture the city in a future where humanity protects the environment and cares about it. Olderplus said, “I hope my art can help make people more aware. The tree is the key.” Smok added, "it will be great if the people see this mural and then would want to plant a tree.”

Jakarta Mural photographed full view from sidewalk

Through the art of Olderplus and Smok, the mural calls for community awareness about the importance of nature and the environment. Converse believes it has an opportunity at this moment to renew Its impact to support local creative communities across the world, and help share their stories of how they are Breaking Down Barriers in their communities

Fique Ligado

Siga #ConverseCityForests to see what our community is creating to break down barriers.

Jakarta mural artists working together