Santiago mural full view
Santiago artist Shetukiltra in front of her Converse City Forest mural

The Artist

Jennifer Díaz, also known as SHETUKILTRA, is a Chilean artist from Santiago. She has worked as a muralist for over ten years and most of her murals are in large formats, which has led her to paint in Argentina, Mexico and across different cities of Chile. Her art plays a relevant role not only in her home country, but also abroad, constituting an important reference for Latin American muralism, both aesthetically and ideologically.

With a deeply social thematic and a powerful Latin American and indigenous heritage, she always tries to rescue the local identity in her works, honoring stories, experiences and culture, among other themes. She tries to capture what she observes around her in an emotional and colorful way.

“’Mi Gente’, [or ‘my people’], for me means something particularly important. I understand our heritage and honor our past which both remind us to take care of our future. For example, being able to contribute in a colorful way to this so gray city. And what better way to do it than with concept and with paintings that contribute to the environment, cleaning the air?”

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The Art

“This mural is called "Ascendencia", and it pays homage to matriarchs from Chile and all over the world, that are so little honored,” she says. According to her, it represents the celebration of her roots, of the women present in society today – regardless of color, gender, politics, or religion. She continues, “many times that woman is not very visible and honored, so I tried to represent her in the best way in this mural. I want we all to listen to our mothers, our grandmothers and that it is reflected in this mural.”

When reflecting on what she expects for the future she says, “I hope that future generations will honor the good and learn from the bad of our ancestors.”

Santiago city forest mural seen from a distance

Trees and counting.

Local Impact

Through Jennifer’s vision, the mural is a call for public progress and is bringing new meaning to local street art to create a more sustainable and just future. Their work helped plant the equivalent of 300 trees, or over 15 soccer fields, a symbol of the air-cleaning power of the mural. Converse believes it has an opportunity to renew its impact by creating fresh air in its communities through Converse City Forests.

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