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Ratchaburi mural art shown from a distance
Ratchaburi mural artists

The Artists

Gong Klomklieng has been a well-known street artist in Ratchaburi, Thailand, for more than ten years. His unique typography and art direction always has a meaning to communicate his ideas to society.

Poonpun is an illustrator and environmentalist. He’s obsessively interested in Ratchaburi’s culture, diversity and way of living – all of which are always represented in his work.

Amata Chittasenee, also known as Pearypie, is an environmentalist who passionately works to increase awareness around the importance of taking care of our planet. She also uses her fashion knowledge to modernize Thai fabric, which is now becoming an art piece that portrays the story and culture of the patterns.

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The Art

The mural is located near the Potharam Market, a famous spot in Ratchaburi, and its theme is focused on elements deeply rooted to the province. The artists have chosen different colors and patterns to reflect the power of culture and diversity present in the Thai way of life.

When asked about the meaning of the art, Pearypie said, "it contains a story of the roots of our culture and the different abilities of individuals. Each one has its own role on this planet.”

The word in the art is what locals from Ratchaburi call the province and, because they are the only ones to use this word, it’s something special and unique for Thai people. "I want people to feel that they are part of this word in my work, and the work is meant to not alienate anyone in the community", added Gong.

Ratchaburi mural art in full view

Trees and counting.

Local Impact

With the powerful story of roots and diversity of Ratchaburi, Pearypie, Gong and Poonpun helped plant 350 trees in the province, or the equivalent of 17 soccer fields, a symbol of the air-cleaning power of this mural. Converse believes it has an opportunity to drive creativity with intent, share powerful stories of All Stars doing that around the globe, and renew its impact by creating fresh air in its communities through Converse City Forests.

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Ratchaburi mural artists at work