Manila city forest panoramic image depicting mural artwork along a city wall stretching a full city block
Grid image of three Manila artists who contributed to the Manila city forest project for Converse

The Artists

Blic is young self-taught visual artist who tells his personal story on public walls. He is also a founding member of Cavity Collective, a local community for street artists based in Cavite that colors the streets with creativity and passion.

RJ Saquian a.k.a BVRN has been creating art since he was in grade school. By 2013, RJ decided to step up his passion by turning his paintings into murals. Up until now he has made works of traditional art, illustration, and graffiti.

AG Saño is an environmentalist and artist who paints street murals. In his 10 years as an artist, he has painted more than 700 murals across the globe.

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The Art

The mural's theme is focused on three aspects according the artists experiences:
Blic's art is about solidarity, BVRN brings inclusion and visibility for the LGBT community, and AG Saño addresses environmental issues and climate change in his art.

The mural is located in an old business district of Manila – an area that was previously the center of business, commerce and sales in the city. AG Saño commented about the mural’s location, “this is actually what brought humanity to the present climate crisis, and I think it’s good to have a spot like this to show people in the district how humanity affects the environment.”

Grid of six different murals for Manila city forest sponsored by Converse

A collaborative creation depicting meaningful causes such as solidarity, inclusion, and climate change. Converse believes it has an opportunity at this moment to renew Its impact to support local creative communities across the world, and help share their stories of how they are Breaking Down Barriers in their communities

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Mural depicting handshake. Manila artist at work for city forest project sponsored by Converse