Laszlo Brunszko photograph

The Artist

László Brunszkó is an artist working out of Budapest that has been working in the world of graffiti painting for the last 25 years. Over the past 5-6 years, László has transitioned his practice to become an illustrator, though he still dabbles in mural painting.

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The Art

Overlooking a sweeping landscape from high above the clouds, László’s mural focuses on breaking through your limitations and overcoming obstacles. Intentional cropping of the piece shows a tightrope walker traversing over a valley. László wants the viewer to “see where the tightrope walker is starting from, but we don’t know where they’re going. I leave that directly to the viewer’s imagination.”

Upon reflecting on what art means to him, László explains that the core of artistic representation is freedom, which he wanted to convey in this mural. “I believe that art can be used to shape society,” says László. “I believe that it has a huge power to raise awareness”. Through this mural, László is asking passersby to consider their own obstacles and hopefully have the courage to face them head on.

“When I first came across this project,” László explains, “I was struck by what a fantastic challenge and honor it is to put my stuff in the center of our capital, in a very important place.” László was careful in selecting his subject and the content of the mural, knowing that he wanted to create a piece worthy of such a special location. The goal of his mural was to “emphasize the harmony with nature, the challenge to increase, at least visually, the green spaces in the city”.

Through this collaboration with Converse City Forests, László’s mural in the center of Budapest focuses on overcoming obstacles through perseverance and belief in yourself.

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