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The Artists

TRK (Teerayut Puechpen) is a contemporary Thai street artist with a unique and modern style. Self-described as “black & white rock art, strong and sharp lines that curve inspired by Thai art”, he has been present in many exhibitions around the world. TRK hopes this mural will change the overall mindset that Thai art should be restricted only to temples.

For this project, TRK collaborated with Sorravis Prakong, who has worked with calligraphy and typography for almost a decade. Sorravis tries to find new possibilities and creates his own style through his knowledge of traditions. “I admire that Thai people always help each other when we face critical situations. When we hold together, we can go through anything”.

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The Art

TRK stated, “I used the image of holding hands as a symbol for unity. I wanted to blend my style with Sorravis’. The most important thing was to communicate the unity of Thai people. ”Sorravis agrees, saying, “I don’t expect people will stop fighting just by seeing my work, but at least I can raise awareness to all the lovely things that happen if we’re united.”


Trees and counting.

Local Impact

In the center of Bangkok, TRK and Sorravis planted the equivalent of 150 trees, or 4 soccer fields, with the mural they created, representing the air-cleaning power of the mural. Converse believes it has an opportunity at this moment to renew its impact by creating fresh air in its communities through the Converse City Forests.

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