Converse City Forests

City Forest Mural

We’re bringing creatives together to design and paint environmentally friendly murals across the globe.

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City Forest Mural Artists
City Forest Mural City Forests artist at work

How it works

We are partnering with our creative community to create Converse City Forests, a series of murals around the globe that use a photocatalytic paint that helps clean the air. This technology uses light energy to break down noxious air pollutants and convert them into harmless substances. Any surface coated with this paint becomes an active air-purifying surface that helps protect people from harmful gases.


Trees and counting.

This number represents the air-cleaning power of our murals around the globe. Converse City Forests plants trees where trees don't grow.

Converse City Forests

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Bangkok City Forest


Collaborating with traditional Thai calligraphy and contemporary Thai street art to create murals using photocatalytic paint that cleans the air.

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Warsaw City Forest


A collaboration between two artists with different styles to create buildings of the future through a sustainable mural, inspired by nature.

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Belgrade thumbnail


Two friends collaborating to celebrate their roots through sustainable murals, inspired by traditional Serbian music.

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Sao Paulo city forest mural

São Paulo

A collaboration that celebrates ancestry and Brazilian roots through art that purifies the air.

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Santiago City Forest thumbnail image


Celebrating and honoring matriarchs and their roots through art that purifies the air.

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Sydney City Forest thumbnail image


Bringing the rainforest to the center of the city through art that purifies the air.

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Lima city forest mural


Celebrating and honoring the multiculturalism and history of Peru through art that purifies the air.

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Johannesburg city forest thumbnail


Celebrating and honoring the power South African women have to change a narrative.

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Manila city forest


A large-scale mural that illustrates the concerns we share, and inspires us to care more for the environment and for each other.

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Mexico City Forest thumbnail

Mexico City

Exalting our roots and our culture, we take upon the meaning of the life cycle seeking to connect with the earth through a sustainable mural inspired by the Day of the Dead.

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Ho Chi Minh City thumbnail

Ho Chi Minh City

Celebrating Vietnamese roots and honoring people’s solidarity.

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Ratchaburi city forest thumbnail


Celebrating Ratchaburi's roots and diversity.

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Jakarta Thumbnail


Honoring and celebrating nature through art that purifies the air in Jakarta.

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Chiang Mai Thailand thumbnail

Chiang Mai

Telling the story of the local and global cultures that make up the rich diversity of Chiang Mai.

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